How Andropenis Works

How Andropenis Promotes Penis Enlargement

The Andropenis uses the proven medical principle of traction to stimulate the body’s own natural capability to adapt and grow through cell division. Using the Andropenis Penis Enlarger could be considered somewhat similar to bodybuilding, but for the penis. Contrary to popular belief, the penile shaft does not have any muscles so it can not be exercised in the same way. Penile traction when used at correct tensions (under 1500 grams) stimulates penile tissues and ligaments to grow longer and thicker by adapting to the force that is applied. Click for information on other penis enlargement products that you may have seen such as pills, pumps, surgery and jelqing to learn more about those methods and whether they are effective at enlarging the penis. It is a shame that so many men may have fallen for unproven products such as those and probably believe that there is no way that natural enlargement is real. We are proud to offer a genuinely proven penile traction device that can be used by Australian men for a variety of penis enhancement purposes.

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The body has connective tissues such as tendons and ligaments which can be lengthened. The main ligament in the penile shaft is called the suspensory ligament. This determines a man’s overall length. The use of our Andropenis enlarger creates the right condition to promote it’s elongation. Andropenis penis extender not only encourages lengthening in the penile ligaments, it can also promote penile growth in the surrounding tissue and chambers called the corpus cavernosum. These chambers is what decides a male’s penis girth or thickness. Numerous studies suggest the principal of traction that Andropenis uses is the most highly proven and method of penis enlargement. For the traction method to work effectively there has to be a very steady, precise tension applied (generally between 600 to 1500 grams), and this is exactly what the Andropenis was scientifically designed to do. For optimal results we advise to use for between one to four hours a day when possible. This is not a hard and fast rule. The bottom line is the more use you can put in, the more the Andropenis can promote bigger penis length and girth. We also advise to use up to 5 days per week with a break on weekends or even to use in a three days on and one day off routine.

Andropenis and Human Adaptability

If you are unsure how adaptable the human body really is, consider the flexibility of gymnasts, the strength & size of bodybuilders or the agility and amount of punishment top level athletes such as UFC and MMA fighters can take. Consider just how much faster at running or swimming Olympian’s are compared to the average Australian male. Perhaps you’ve seen those hollow earrings people use to enlarge their ear lobes, or pictures of those Amazonian tribes that lengthen their necks and lips with plates. These people were not born that way, but they get their results by stimulating biological cell growth by using regulated stress and giving the body time to adapt. This is very similar to how Andropenis assists the body with penis enlargement. It provides precise, regulated tension to induce a natural growth response that promotes a longer and thicker penis.

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