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Welcome to the Andropenis™ Penis Enlargement Official Australian website. If you wish you promote a longer, thicker or straighter penis with a genuine product that’s been on the market for 25 years, Andropenis is the answer! All Andropenis packages ordered through this website are guaranteed to be authentic medical grade products, and include our special optimal results bonus guides and extensive package upgrades valued at over $120! Only available here and for a limited time only!

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Andropenis Penis Extender

Andropenis is a genuine penis enhancement product with decades of evidence to back it’s effectiveness. Our products are genuine medical grade devices and are one of only two penis extenders in the world with Australian TGA registration (154288). Andropenis is a class 1 penile traction therapy (PTT) device. PTT has extensive support to prove it’s effectiveness in areas such as promoting natural penis enlargement as well as assisting curvature correction and men with Peyronie’s disease. Having proven itself for over 20 years, no other penis extender comes close in value, effectiveness or reliability.

Penis Enhancement with Australian TGA Registration (154288)

This is the official Andropenis™ Australia supplier website. While we supply Andropenis™ to many other websites and retail outlets, we provide many special extras which are only included for orders placed through this website:

  1. Extended lifetime warranty (normally only 12 months).
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  6. Free express post within Australia (1 to 2 days). Free worldwide express post (2 to 4 days).
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  8. Full 180 day guarantee (normally only 60 days).
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  10. Bonus package; best ways to use Andropenis™ for optimal results, male nutrition guide, max gains male enlargement guide, 100 sex tips, G spot orgasm and female ejaculation guide.

Andropenis Penis Enlargement

Research shows 9 out of 10 men aren’t happy with the size or shape of their penis. Before Andropenis™ was released in 1995, surgery was the only proven method of penis enlargement, Peyronie’s disease treatment and curvature correction. Imagine the confidence in knowing your penis can easily satisfy any women you meet. Andropenis™ Gold is designed to promote natural penis growth giving significant increases in penis size within a matter of months. View our information page to read more about how Andropenis works.

Andropenis™ works because it is based on science and natural biology. It holds many worldwide health registrations in; United States, Canada, UK, Spain, Greece, France and many other countries with strict health standards. Many men try products such as pills, patches, pumps or sprays with no results, however none of those gimmicks have any certifications, scientific or medical proof.

Based on the proven medical principle of traction, the Andropenis penis extender works by encouraging natural penis growth, namely by gently lengthening the Suspensory ligament which decides a man’s genital length (same ligament cut in penis enlargement surgery). It also promotes cell division and growth in the corpus cavernosum, the two main chambers of the penile shaft which decides girth and width. To summarise, Andropenis™ promotes penile growth in length and girth. Increased penis size is normally noticed when both flaccid and erect.

Andropenis penis enlarger is simple to use and comes with full instructions. The standard gold kit extends from 2 to 10 inches and the platinum kit up to 11.25 inches. It can be used under loose clothing and while performing easy going daily tasks. Gains in penis size of approximately 30% in penis length and girth within 6 months has been proven in penile traction studies. Over many years of research and development, the team here have put together our special bonus optimal results male enhancement guides which reveal many extra tips. They result from years of research, trials and customer feedback. We also offer an upgraded lifetime warranty (normally only 12 months) and 6 month results guarantee (normally only 60 days). These special bonuses are only included for Andropenis orders placed through this website directly.

A Genuine Penis Enlarger Made By A Genuine Medical Company

Andropenis is manufactured by a well established medical company that dedicated over 10 years of research, scientific studies and medical trials before it was released. It is important to note there are many imitation penile traction devices being made in China by companies based in the U.S. They use the credentials, studies and results of legitimate products like Andropenis to trick consumers into believing they are selling genuine products. You can read more about this on our penis extender warning page.

Andropenis is the most highly accredited penile traction device available. It has been successfully proven and used for a variety of penile enhancement reasons. It’s also one of only two Australian TGA registered class 1 penis extenders. When using a penis extender for penile traction therapy (PTT), it is vitally important to use a genuine medical grade product that has documentation to back it’s quality and effectiveness. In our experience, Andropenis is the most effective and highest quality penile traction device available.

Penis Enlargement Results

Penile size increases can start to be noticed by most males at around 7 days in the flaccid state, while increases in length and thickness of the erect penis shaft can start to be noticed at about 14 to 21 days of regular use. To promote the most optimal penis enlargement, it comes down to how much you want to put in for the penile growth you want. Normally we advise using for 1 to 4 hrs per day, up to 5 days a week until you’ve achieved your desired gains. If you are happy to gain more slowly, you can also use when you find the time i.e. on weekends. All Andropenis penile enlargement results are based on overall use meaning the more time you put in, the more Andropenis can help to promote the penis growth you want to achieve

Regular use of Andropenis is important to promote the best possible increases in penis size or to help with penis curvature. Visit our Peyronie’s disease and penile curvature information page to read how Andropenis can assist in straightening the penis. If you are interested in using Andropenis to encourage penis growth for a bigger penis, please read our penis enlargement information page.

Promoting Optimal Penis Growth

After many years of research and development, we proudly offer our Andropenis penis enlargement bonus guides. These informational guides are only available when ordering here and have been put together to help increase penis growth and reduce the time needed to encourage penis enlargement and curvature correction. These male enhancement guides are only available through this website and will not be issued to anyone but direct customers.