How To Use Andropenis Penis Enlarger
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How to use the Andropenis Gold Penis Enlarger

The Andropenis is the most intelligently designed penis enlarger device available. Before first using the Andropenis, we advise our customers to take apart & put together the device in order to get to know how it works mechanically. It is a very precisely engineered spring loaded penis enhancement device that is connected mostly by screws & rods that all srew together so it's easy to fully take apart and put back together again. After a while of use some screws may become a little loose, so it pays to know how to make sure everything is tightened nicely thus providing you optimal penis enlargement & penis curvature correction results at all times.

The main adjustments you will make are by simply adding the supplied metal rods which easily srew into each other by your hands at a hand tightened strength. Once you get to know the Andropenis device a bit more & are familar with using and wearing it there is also the option to increase the length adjustment by an inch without needing to add more rods. The base screws at the bottom of the device are designed to be hand adjusted. As stated however, when first starting out it is easier to simply add more rods in beween your sessions. After you are experienced in using the Andropenis the base screw rods make it a lot more convenient to increase your results by always ensuring you have a good amount of tension applied, because after only 30 minutes of using the Andropenis, most will feel the need to add a bit more because your penis is constantly adapting to the force, and is literally growing at a biological level. It may sound technical, but after one or two uses you will be well on your way to becoming an Andropenis expert. That is of course, if you can take a few minutes time out to read our exclusive bonus usage guides that we include with each order.

These maximum gains fast results bonus guides are not available from any other company or website. We have put together these guides as a special bonus for our customers only. If at anytime you need additional assistance we can be contacted by phone from 9am-5pm or contacted via email & SMS 24 hours day, 7 days a week.

Please note the content on this page is only intended to give a general idea of how to use Andropenis Gold penis extender. It should in no way take the place of the proper instructions included with each package.

Using the Andropenis Gold

Andropenis measure adjust wear

Andropenis before & after use

Andropenis Gold In Use Example Video Clip

If the above Andropenis penis enlargement example video clip does not work in your browser, you may have to install a plugin or allow it to run before it plays. If that does not work it is downloadable here, alternatively please contact us as we can send it to you via an email attachment.