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Andropenis Gold Customer Testimonials

Below are some of our customer testimonials we've received after using our Andropenis Penis Enlargement packages.

"Hello support team,

         I am writing in regards to my micropenis condition and using Andropenis Gold. After noticeable results I would like to offer a testimonial. I ordered earlier this year as part of my new years resolution. My penis before starting measured almost 3 inches erect and about 1 inch not erect. My condition was causing me depression and I have not been able to hold a serious relationship because of my previous insecurities, I also found I didn't act the way I should have in certain areas when dealing with people in everyday life. I have only just realised this now, as I am a lot more happy and can think about things more clearly now. To cut a long story short, I haven't been using for that long each day, maybe half an hour or so most days but I can definitely notice the growth and hope to be the average size sometime in the near future. I will use more each day when I can and let you know when I reach my goal. I am truly happy to have found your product and really appreciate the service and follow up. I will be in touch in a few months with another update. Thanks again, Bryce Klug." - 25/11/14 Bryce Klug from A.C.T via email

"Hello Admin,
         I am on the third week of using Andropenis. Well I am really satisfied as I gained. I'm not sure exactly how much but I gained and this is only 1 week after warm up stage. So I am optimistic to gain 3 inches as my initial penis size is just 3.5 inches. One interesting thing, I am getting solid hard erections which I have not got for a long time. Is this normal? In this third week I started using four 0.5 rods which I am using comfortably. Overall I appreciate Andropenis Gold.

Thank you
Rohan" - 04/01/14 Rohan from Sydney, NSW via email

"APG Support,
                    Just writing back in regards to your feedback request. It has been 3 months since I first got the item and have already reached my goal of 7 inches. I think I will go for 7.5 to 8 inches as my partner really seems to enjoy the extra now so a little more wont hurt, not me anyway LOL!
Gary" - 12/02/14Gary from QLD via email

"Dear Sales,
Just a follow up email in regards to my purchase. I wanted to let you know I am no longer a skeptic. I have been doing your Andropenis Gold Penis Enlargement program for just over 1 month every night for about 2 hrs after the Mrs goes to sleep. The other night when we went for a shower and she asked me if I had been doing something because my penis looked bigger. I must say, it was a huge confidence boost to hear my Mrs of 8 years say for the first time that my penis looked bigger. I actually started noticing after the first week or so and was secretly waiting for her to notice as well. Of course I told her I hadn't been doing anything different, but perhaps after I get to my goal of 7.5 I will have no choice, I don't think I will be able to keep it from her any longer at that point !
Best Regards,
                    Tim"  - 23/03/14 Tim from NZ via email

         Just wanted to say thanks for the quick service, item is as described and I could not be happier. If only all online purchases was this fast and easy. Cheers again, Ronnie." - 2/04/14 Ronnie from S.A via email

"Dear Support,

RE: Feedback request
I wanted to let you know I have gained 5cm in just over 4 months, going from below to above average in such a short time has been a total shift for me. I put in a lot of hours, even tried sleeping with it on - against your advice. For all the time and effort it is very well worth it, I think you could charge way more than you are. Just my two cents though. I still wonder what's happened sometimes as I look down at my penis when I go to the toilet. It seems I am still used to my old penis size! It's an uncanny experience but a welcomed one thank you and god bless!

Amelio" - 28/05/14 From Amelio in QLD via email

         Just letting you know I am more than happy with my Andropenis, I don't shy away from chicks as much as I used to and I'm getting more and more confidence now. I have landed 3 chicks in the last 3 weeks and I am positive it has something to do with me being more confident. I used to half avoid going all the way sometimes because I was afraid of what they might think or tell their friends. Why couldn't I have found out about this years ago !? I have a couple of mates that are interested as well, any chance of getting a few extra bands for the referrals?
Sean" - 04/06/14 Sean from NSW via email

"To Whom it may concern,

I have always been a "grower" but have never been up to the "average" measurements (about 4 inches erect). My wife never seemed to mind but she has never been into sex that much either especially after we got married. I secretly started using the penis enlarger 4 months ago and about 1 month ago she asked me why I was no longer interested in sex anymore. I was always the one asking for it even then I would only get it about once or twice a week - if I was lucky. I was holding out because I wanted to get to 6.5 inches first and surprise her but I told her I knew she wasn't that into it so I thought I would give it a rest, a few minutes later she was riding me like a tornado and she came for the very first time while on top of me. We have been married for 4 years mind you. If I knew all I needed was to be more relaxed about it and to have an extra inch or two to bring her to orgasm I would have signed up years ago! I have a sneaky suspicion I am going to start getting it more and more as I keep growing and I owe it all to you guys, THANK YOU. I still can't believe my wife now wants me more than I want her - that's what I let her think anyway =)

With gratitude,
                     Will" - 13/07/14 From Will in A.C.T on email

"To the manager,
                         I wanted let you know my feedback about the Andropenis penis enlargement kit I purchased 7 months ago. The reason I ordered was to correct my penis curvature. The bend in my penis is now almost non existent but one thing couldn't help notice was my penis getting bigger. My penis grew 7cm bigger in the time it took to correct my curvature - not what I bought it for but I will happily accept it ! Could I be happier? No! Thankyou guys and please pass this on to your team and feel free to post it online as a review on Andropenis.
Kind Regards, Jade" - 11/08/14 Jade from QLD via email

Just letting you know my before and after results as per your email. By the way sorry about all the questions at the start and thank you for your helpfulness and patience. Before using the Andropenis my flaccid length was 7.5cm and my erection length was 14.2cm. After 5 months at 3 hrs per day and as per your bonus guides my flaccid size is now 12cm and my erect penis is 18.6cm! I have a different outlook on life now, it may sound stupid but I just find that I wake up happier and have more spring in my step. I really hate to think of those poor guys that have gone under the knife for thousands only to get another inch or two (I actually considered getting penis enlargement surgery at one stage). Imagine how they would feel if they knew about the Andropenis enlarger! Many thanks, please let me know if I can return the favour in anyway at all. I would be more than obliged. I am a solicitor so you never know.

Chris" - 14/08/14 Chris from QLD via email

Hello team,
Just wanted to write and say thank you, I have been working out in the gym for about two years now and although I have gained considerable muscle size my penis was still quite average. I always thought that females would look at bigger guys and naturally expect them to have a bigger penis as well. I ignored it for a while but it kept playing on my mind, I researched for quite a few months before my purchase and I am very happy with your penis enlarger device, finally my penis is above average and is more in proportion to the rest of my body. My confidence has gone through the roof over the last few months. Thank you and all the best! 

Truly, thank you!
Ian - 7/09/14 Ian in W.A via email

"Hello APG Support

I am writing in the hope I will get through to some of the other guys out there that may be like me or perhaps I can say I was. You have my permission to post this up on your site but please dont use my name.

My story....
I have always been very small when it comes to penis size although I am not small in stature 5'10 and 85kg stocky but not overweight. When I was growing up sometimes I accidently saw my mates penises and was shocked because mine always looked a lot smaller. I know some people say that smaller penises grow more when you get an erection but my length was only just under 4 inches at the peak of my sexual urge. I just assumed that it would be something I would have to live with for life. I didn't have my first sexual experience until I was 22 because I was so scared of what the girl might say not only to me but to her friends. Anyway it was with a random girl I once met at a party and I think the only reason I went through with it was because I was plastered drunk and all my friends had thier first many years before. Before that I made up stories every now and then about girls but my close mates probably would have known they were lies but didn't really say much about it. My second encounter was with my wife which I am now still with but she was a virgin so I guess she didn't really know anything to compare with which suited me just fine. One evening after I woke up from a nap I overheard her on the phone to one of her friends as she was laughing and saying "there's no way it could have been that big" but the laughing soon stopped and I could tell her friend was reassuring her that it "was that big". This friend of hers is known to be a bit of a sleep around so I was pretty sure of what they were talking about. A couple of days later I saw on our internet history a page saying "average penis size" and to be honest this made me feel really ashamed and sad. I made the decision then and there to find out if I could some how enlarge my penis. I was even thinking about penis enlargement surgery as I felt my childhood worries all come flooding back, what if my wife had told her friends how small I was? That is what I was thinking in the back of my mind. So after some research and trying a few "enlargement" pills that did not work I decided to see what other options there was. Low and behold your site popped up and I thought even if I could gain 1 more inch, I would be immensly happy with that. Sorry if I am rambling on a bit I suppose this has been on my mind for a long time. I will get to the point. I purchased the Andropenis platinum penis enlargement package from you in January of this year and I have been using it addictively for 5 months with a rest day after every 3 days of use as per your instructions. My fully erect size last year was 9.5 cm or just under 4 inches and now I am 14.5cm or 5.75 inches. I never measured my circumference but I can tell I am noticeably thicker too. So from well below average to almost average in 5 months! My wife knew I bought it from day one and was very supportive, I think she was secrectly hoping it would work as much as I did and we are both absolutely wrapped. We are now having more sex than ever and my general outlook on life has changed dramatically. I know a lot of people say that you should just be happy with what you have but that was next to impossible for me but now truly, I am happy with what I have. It still surprises me sometimes when I get hard because for 32 years I had been living with what I can now say was a very small penis. It's a great sight to see now when my wife is ontop enjoying herself as much as I enjoy her. Bravo to your team I have a very deep thanks for you and your product. I still can't believe it actually worked, at the start I was just hoping more than anything. My new goal is now 6.5 inches so I am above average. Could you email me if you have developed any extra techniques since I purchased? Again, please don't post my name as it's very unique and people would probably be able to recognise me but please DO share my story on your testimonials page.

With deep thanks,"
                              - 19/09/14 Details withheld for privacy reasons

Just a quick one to let you know how I’m going. I purchased my kit at the start of last month and I’ve been using the enlarger almost every day for at least an hour but sometimes I can go as much as 3 or 4 hours if time and privacy permits. I have been following your extra techniques as well as the vitamin and protein suggestions I truly can’t believe it because I have gained almost half an inch already (11mm to be precise). I didn’t bother measuring my girth at the start but I can tell I'm thicker around the base too. I have taken some before and 1 month photos and when I get to the 3 and 6 month stage I will email in my pics for you. Would I still get the refund for just the 1 and 3 months? Or do you need the full 1, 3 and 6 month photos? Either way I will send in my pictures for you to use. Hoepfully I can be of some inspiration to other guys out there.
P.S Is it ok to grow this fast, I thought I would ask because it seems crazy to grow almost half an inch in a month and do you think I will keep gaining this fast?
Cheers fellas,
Kelvin - 01/10/14 Kelvin from QLD via email

APG Support,
Just a quickie to let you know how I'm going and a few questions as well. I have taken a before and after photo of my penis size after using the penis extender for just over 2 months. I have gained 1.5 cm when hard but I'm almost 3 cm bigger when flaccid, is this normal or am I doing something wrong? I've been using for 2 to 4 hrs most nights, some nights I will go to sleep with it on and set the alarm after two hours. I can notice the thickness of my penis has also increased. All in all I would say just to have a bigger penis by this amount the money I spent was well worth it.
Anyway, thanks very much for your always prompt responses and service, I look forward to sending in my photos after I have reached my goal of 7.5 inches.
Jonno - 6/10/14 Jonno from Brisbane, QLD via email

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Special offer for new customers

We are now accepting before and after photos, if we use your photos you will recieve a full refund of your purchase price. 1, 3 & 6 month photos are preferred as these are the durations at which most see noticeable results. See our Penis Enlargement before & after pictures page 18+ only