Andropenis Information
Australian Approved Penis Enlarger
Andropenis Penis Enhancement Information

Andropenis Information

Andropenis Gold is made by Andromedical, the world leader in natural penis enlargement. There is no higher quality, more safe or effective product. Andropenis is the only device that is medically backed & approved for sale in the US, Canada, UK & Australia. Andropenis penis enlargement has been scientifically tested and is backed by doctors all over the world for the following 3 main reasons;

Permanent Penis Enlargement

Natural penis enlargement is not a myth, with Andropenis Gold it has been a reality for over 15 years. Andropenis penis enlargement  & Peyronie's disease treatment results are concrete, measurable, scientifically proven and permanent. The Andropenis has been well tested & is completely safe (Andropenis holds worldwide CE & ISO, Australian TGA, British BSI & American FDA approval). Based on 6 months of use penis size increases of up to 3 inches in length & 1 inch in girth. These penis enlargement gains are permanent & uses the bodies natural ability to adapt and grow by using the proven scientific method of traction. Bodybuilders are not born with huge muscles, they have to workout & their body naturally grows & adapts. The same goes with Andropenis penis enlargement. You are effectively "working out" your penis when it normally wouldn't be. Visit our penis enlargement information page to read more.

Peyronie's Disease & Penile Curvature Correction
(up to 70% penis curvature correction - average based on 6 months use)

For more information about how Andropenis treats Peyronie's disease and corrects penis curvature please visit our Peyronies disease treatment information page.

Penile Retraction Prevention

Many doctors recommend the Andropenis penis enlargement system to prevent penile retraction post-surgery. Penile shortening is a harsh reality that can affect any man who has had surgery of the penis, bladder or prostate. Andropenis enlargement is the only way to keep from losing penile length after penis surgery.

Andropenis Gold Penis Enlargement

Andropenis is the original penis enlargement device of this kind & is made by Andromedical, a medical urology company based in Spain. The Andropenis comes with free medical assistance from a team of caring support staff. It is the safest, most comfortable and highest precision made medical  penis extender available. It works by gently stretching the penis with a series of different rods to suit your penile size as you grow. If you would like to read more information about penis extenders visit our penis extender information page.

The Andropenis Gold naturally stimulates growth of the penile shaft both in penis length and girth (thickness). It's possible to see penis growth in the flaccid state after only a few days of using the Andropenis. If any body part is stretched or enlarged for a long enough period, the cells will begin to divide & multiply in order to adapt. This is how Andropenis increases the length and size of penile tissues. Andropenis penile enhancement does this with safety and ease. It keeps the penis stretched so the cells have time to multiply into greater numbers which results in a longer, thicker & straighter penis. The Andropenis Gold standard enlargement package includes 25 cm or 10 inches in length of adjustment rods. Andropenis Gold platinum kit comes with 28.5cm or 11.25 inches in length of rods.

Not all penis enlargers are made equal

Would you risk your manhood with a cheaply made penis enlargement device ?

High quality medical grade materials are not cheap, even when mass produced. There are many companies today both big & small selling cheap Chinese made penis enlargers. These devices cost next to nothing to make & are made out of cheap unsafe materials. Be weary & don't fall for these scam devices. Not one other device available to date can compare to the Andropenis' precision design or premium quality medical grade parts. All of which is needed for safe, straight and effective penis enhancement.

Andropenis is the only penis enlarger approved to be sold in the USA, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Greece & Australia. These countries hold high safety standards for medical grade devices sold to the public. Andropenis is the only natural penile enhancement device to meet & pass approval standards of the U.S FDA, Australian TGA, British Standards Institution (BSI), Canadian CMDCAS. Andropenis Gold also holds International standards organisation (ISO) approval & CE (Conformité Européenne), which is French for European Conformity safety standard.

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Don't put up with just wanting a bigger or straighter penis. With  Andropenis Gold you can safely have it! Some say that size doesn't matter but it's not true for everyone. Not all men are created with equal sized body parts. Studies show 9 out of 10 men want a larger penis. This means even naturally endowed guys want more! Andropenis enlargement is the only safe and Australian approved answer.

Bring back the passion in the bedroom. Bring back the confidence you once had or perhaps gain the confidence you never had. Many customers have written back with comments about using Andropenis discreetly to see if the Mrs. noticed. Most report great results after a month or two. Many have also thanked us & reported reigniting the intimate side of their relationship bringing much more overall happiness with their partner. It has also been found to help with impotence problems.

The conclusion? No doubt, the Andropenis Gold Enlargement System will safely enlarge your penis by inches within a matter of months. Visit our secure orders page page to order today & start enlarging tomorrow. To read more please visit Andropenis homepage here.